rFactor Racers (RFR) is an online rFactor championship, with an active, truly international community of motorsport and sim racing fans, and dedicated 24/7 servers.

We offer Grand Prix racing but also have a Sports Car championship, and plan to expand further in the near future.

We have recently integrated with the Sim Racing Drivers league, and have a partner in the Brasil Race Club.

RFR was founded in 2011. Since then, our drivers have taken part in over 100 Grand Prix events, as well as special events including knockouts and even a mini Indy 500.

RFR has completed 7 seasons since 2011, with drivers from over 30 different countries, from every continent (see the above flag banner). Our admin and staff team speak 6 languages.

We are always open to new members, and look forward to seeing you on track soon!