The RFR Grand Prix Series is rFactor Racers' Formula 1 Grand Prix style championship.

The championship is open to all drivers of all abilities.

This championship uses RFE Weather plugin for realistic, dynamic weather changes during races!


rFactor Racers will soon start its 11th Season!

Season 11 will begin on 28th August 2016.

Season 11 will comprise of 17 rounds.

Full event calendar HERE.

There will be Drivers' Championship and a Constructors' Championship.


Open wheel, open cockpit, Formula 1 car.

Season 11 mod - FSone2009 (customised).

Custom helmets and car numbers permitted.

Download HERE.

Custom and classic skins available!


Mix of classic and modern Formula 1 Grand Prix circuits.

Full track list can be found HERE.

Download HERE.


Sundays at 3pm UK time.

Qualifying - 3pm UK time - 10 minutes, open, 9 lap limit.

Warmup - 5 minutes

Race - approx 3.15pm UK time - 50% Grand Prix distance, approx 45 mins.


Points scale for both championships:


Pole:     2 points

2nd:       1 point


1st:         25 points

2nd:       20 points

3rd:        16 points

4th:        13 points

5th:        11 points

6th:        10 points

7th:        9 points

8th:        8 points

9th:        7 points

10th:      6 point

11th:      5 points

12th:      4 points

13th:      3 points

14th:      2 points

15th:      1 point

Fastest lap: 1 point


Drivers may use only the following aides:

Ø  Traction control (Full).

Ø  Anti-Lock Brakes (Full).

Ø  Automatic transmission/gear changes (Full).

Ø  Auto-clutch.


The use of any other aides (internal or external to rFactor) is strictly forbidden.


Technical settings for the league:

Ø  50% damage multiplier.

Ø  Tyre wear - x3

Ø  Fuel consumption - normal.

Ø  Refuelling - NOT allowed.


Drivers must save their qualifying and race replays. Drivers must set the following line in their PLR file as shown here:


Save All Replay Sessions="1"


Full rules can be read HERE.